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Slayer Guide

Post  Juiced on Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:29 pm

To start slayer, or to check your slayer task, click the quests tab in that stats menu.

Also, I would highly recommend you get yourself familiar with demonheim and to the northwest of it.  Many of the slayer monsters are spread out through there.

Levels 1-50

barbarian- south of edgeville

chicken- south of falador

goblin- northwest of lumbridge teleport

man- edgeville man hut

darkwizard- level 3 wilderness north of falador

thug- edgeville dungeon wildy

knight- northwest of demonheim

dark warrior- wildy castle teleport

rogue- inside lava guild, to the west

zombie- northwest of demonheim

guard- varrock west, edgeville

bandit- north of wildy castle teleport

mugger- northeast of demonheim, in wilderness

levels 50+

deadly red spider- west of hobgoblin mine

giant- northwest of demonheim

chaos druid warrior- in lava guild

black knight- by black knight fortress, west of edgeville

animated axe- axe wildy hut, east of mage arena teleport

baby blue drag- down the northeast ladder in deep wildy town

earth warrior- northwest of demonheim.  keep going west.

shadow spider- down the stairs that are west of mage arena teleport

paladin- northwest of demonheim

nechryal- northwest of demonheim

baby red drag- red dragon isle teleport

jungle demon- northwest of demonheim

dust devil- northwest of demonheim

greater demon- northwest of demonheim

abberant spectre- south of shantay stronghold

Nazastarool Ghost- west of dragon mansion

blue dragon- west of lava guild teleport

fire giant- northwest of demonheim

Aquanite- west of dragon mansion

Levels 100+

abyssal demon- west of lava guild

magic wolf- in lava guild, down ladder to the west (by the rogues)

living rock striker- east of lava guild teleport

black demon- northwest of demonheim

black dragon- west of lava guild

king black dragon- dragon mansion

mithril dragon- dragon mansion

chaos elemental- northwest of demonheim

classic kbd- dragon mansion

gnome demon- downstairs in lava guild bank

frost dragon- downstairs in lava guild bank

iron dragon- dragon mansion

K'ril Tsutsaroth- boss island

bandos- bandos portal

zamorak- zamorak portal

saradomin- saradomin portal

armadyl- armadyl portal

guthix- guthix portal

Araxxor- boss island

Nex- boss island

General Graardor- boss island


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