Combat Training Spots/Guide

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Combat Training Spots/Guide

Post  BrwnB on Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:53 am

You may need to maximize your browser or change to high resolution to view some images.

These spots are in the wilderness, you players will be vulnerable to PKers.

Npcs outside the wilderness will attack you up to a certain level.
Npcs in the wilderness will always stay aggressive.

The best combat training spot in my opinion (because there are so many NPCS in a small area) are:
Lvl 10 Muggers

Lvl 13 Rats

Lvl 31 Steletons

Lvl 35 Blessed Spider - Decent spot because there are so many, but no drops yet. This is north of 54 Skeletons far eastern wall.

Lvl 60 Baby Red Dragons. These are good prayer xp at lower level.

Lvl 62 Moss Giant and 105 Blue Dragon spot - Great spot, High level wilderness (70) not pictured in map below.

They can be found on this Large map. This is wilderness North of f2p World and Edgeville.


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